You can do it! Hug a nontraditional student today.

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Although officially the deadline for the 2010-11 school year has passed for the FAFSA, (the official Student Aid form) you can still go back to school this year on your own and apply later for financial aid, perhaps for next year. You can perhaps pay another way. Classes may still be open and you may have the money to go. Perhaps you have savings you want to use for the first year's tuition, if you plan to go more than one year.

You can fill out your FAFSA for next year (2011). The deadline is June30, 2011.  You can also register for a GED class and get into school for Spring semester or even Fall.

Here is a pages to help you do just that:
FAFSA deadlines
5 Ways to Pay for your Education without Going in Debt (from

There is a FAFSA video there, plus links to the correct FAFSA site. To enroll in classes to go for your GED, try this information page: Get your GED (from

The FAFSA form will let you know if there is any financial aid for you to use to go to school with. Today the door is a lot wider open to all nontraditional students, who can train for a better job for taking care of their families or just making a better life for themselves.

Are you a nontraditional student, or would you like to become one? Write out reasons that you would like to go back to school. Many schools have an information office that will help you. Just call the number in the phone book and arrange an appointment. The person you talk with (an advisor) will help you find financial aid and explain the ins and outs of going back to school.

Do you know of a nontraditional student - maybe even in your family? Give that nontraditional student a hug today.

Nontraditionally Yours,

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