Summer school.... and the new Winter Terms... pros and cons

Summer school.

My first summer school experience
I remember my summer school session - taking two classes I thought I didn't have to take for my degree the first time I was in school (before I became a non-traditional student much later).

The classes were actually easy, because I'd had all the later classes already. I just didn't like the fact that it was summer, and I was in school.

I remember the weather
The Kentucky weather in summer is H.O.T., and this I also remember. There was a lot of walking involved at college, and it was sweltering that year.

One opinion at the Yahoo Nontrad group
At least one person at the Nontrad Yahoo group feels that summer classes this year are actually easier than regular ones, even though most colleges condense each class into a shorter time frame.

I always just assumed that the classes were harder when you took them in the summer.

I do remember that my professor was always apologizing to the class for "rushing through" some sections of the course, which made me think it really didn't cover the class as well as other times.

So really I am not a huge fan of summer school, unless a person HAS to go then.

Winter Term classes
Now some colleges have Winter Term, which is a lot like Summer term to me.

I feel like it's a good time to catch up on a class or two you need, and valuable when you need a prerequisite that isn't offered at other times, but I would MUCH rather take the time as a needed break from school.

Summing up
My opinion is that summer term classes are indeed harder than regular ones - - but necessary sometimes.

That's my take on them. I would much rather take a class during a regular term.