New news stories and articles about nontraditional students

People are talking about non-traditional students...

I decided to see what people were saying on the internet and in news stories about nontraditional students lately.

I will be putting this information soon on the Nontraditional Student website.

It was fun to find these thoughtful articles today.

Nontraditional Students Enrich U.S. College Campuses

This article focuses on the reasons that nontraditional students are going back to school, and how their presence is reshaping the classroom today.

The Nontraditional Medical Student site has a special page telling nontraditional students how they can get into medical school:

This is an article about U.S. Psychology students abroad – many are nontraditional

Utah State nontraditional students must keep their lives balanced

Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming now offer a nontraditional student scholarship.

Information about The Daniels Fund:
(news article from 2007)

The fund website is located here:

I will be finding more articles and information soon. I hope you enjoy these.