A small dose of humor never hurt anyone! Especially nontraditional students. Plus more.

So what's funny? A nontraditional student and how he or she sits in class.

If the class is lucky. The nontraditional students that know better will sit on their hands (haha).

I personally know how hard it can be NOT to hold up my hand every time a teacher or Professor wants an answer. You want to get YOUR story out there. But so does everyone else. Just saying.

Have you ever looked up your teacher BEFORE signing up for a class? You can do it on RateMyProfessors.com. Be prepared for some funny reviews there.

There used to be another site called Pick a Prof but it is no longer around.

Is school going OK? Sometimes you can talk with your Advisor and see about next semester, or what is going well and maybe not in your classes.

Do you have a good place to study? Sometimes at school or the school library it's nice to study there and get some good quiet time before heading home.


Here is hoping your family is supportive in your nontraditional stusdent journey, and that things are going well.

Talk to you soon!

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