The 100 Best Jobs of 2015 - from the U.S. News and World Report

An interesting article/FI. These jobs are ranked too.

US News: Money: The 100 Best Jobs.

What are #1-5? Dentist, Nurse Practitioner, Software Developer, Physician, and Dental Hygienist. 

As expected, there are many medical jobs and also technical/computer jobs here.

Thinking back, my English degree was useful, but mostly I took it because I needed to get out of school!

Then my Education degree was helpful too, because this field of study not only teaches about how to teach, but also how people learn.

Of course, the job for YOU may not be on this list. But if you are not sure, you may want to check these out.


Onward and Upward! - - I hope you all are having good luck in school, nontraditional students!

My last posting was Daymar College vs. Students - - a win for students. (And a warning about for-profit schools - watch out!)
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