The Nontraditional Student Site of the Day for Jan. 22 2015: The Planning and Preparing for College Blog.

The Planning and Preparing for College Blog: by C. Herd

From the blog description: "To prepare students and their parents for college success in areas of academic readiness, community service, internships, summer programs, etc. The blog is to be used as a preparation infrastructure on various areas of college topics."

This blog is a great information blog for many different scholarships. It features scholarships for minority groups, but it is fabulous information for anyone.

Many Tennessee schools are featured here, and also other schools from across the country.

I like it. It also has special postings on subjects like College Prep Timeline, How to Prepare for College Correctly, and Preparing for the ACT/SAT Exam.

(See the right side of the blog...)

There are also links here that are test links, College Prep updates, Financial Aid, Summer Programs, Grants, Minority Links, and Internships.

Definitely, this site belongs on your blog list under "Great blogs for Nontrads." 

Check it out here:


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