Many interests, and how it can mess you up as a nontraditional student. Also: aptitude tests online.

Do you have lots of interests? I think that is a good thing.

I know I do. I have things I want to do eventually, things I do every day, and things I want to learn how to do. Zeroing in on just one is problematic. It can take time away from being natural and spontaneous.

And something worse can happen: you can't decide, so you NEVER go back to school at all.

I will list a few interests of mine, and perhaps you will list yours as a comment. Or you can write about them on YOUR blog and share that blog address as a comment.

#1. Writing (this can translate to English, Teaching, more)

#2. Art (Can also lead to teaching or one KIND of art-making...)

#3. Hobbies - - collecting, crafts, Scouting, books, more.

If you are like me, it's hard to select just ONE thing to focus on. And I know that many nontraditional students feel that same way.

One thing to do to select something to do as a JOB is to take a quiz or test about it. Or sometimes people just KNOW what they want to do. OR you can talk to a school guidance counselor or advisor.

One rule of thumb can be that selecting a field where you can actually make a living can make your other interests possible.

Here are another posting to help you decide on what you like the most, or want to do the most.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Some aptitude tests online.

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