Tests, Quizzes, Pop Quizzes, Papers, Reports, Ack! OH - and Fall Break too.

Is your Fall Break near?

Right about now, I used to feel the major effects of knowing what I had to do, and worrying about not having done as much as I liked.

Studying for tests (and for quizzes, as the title says), took a lot of time for me. I did try to break my papers down and do a little at a time instead of trying to do it all in one day or a weekend (Thank goodness!) but the worry about what was due and what came next really never left my mind.

Back to Fall Break, as an education student (and nontrad!) I used to spend my Fall Break on things like reports. I remembered with longing my younger days in school when Fall Break was VACATION.

Do you do that too?

The minus side to doing that is that you don't really ever feel like you are taking a break. And you deserve to. In fact, taking a break is good for you. So if you DO go on vacation or don't work your tail off during your Fall Break, don't worry about it.

The plus side to working during your break is that you can knock out some work during this time and not be so stressed when you go back. And feel good about yourself for doing that.

I never found a Happy Medium (part rest, part work) when I was a nontraditional student.

Maybe you can!


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