10 Success Tips for Nontraditional Students in College, Tech School, or GED classes

Going back to school after a break? Try these suggestions.

#1. Talk to a school rep - somebody that can help you reach your goals, and take the classes you need. This could be a School Advisor, or it could be an online Teacher. Try the Advisor first. Then go back at least once a year to make sure you are on track.

#2. Keep a notebook and calendar, and check it daily. Write down all of your assignments, and also spread out large things like reports or papers.

#3. Keep a positive outlook wherever you can. Read positive articles, take a walk outside once in awhile, join a Nontrad club if there is one (for support), and check out the Nontrad website and Facebook page too.

#4.  NEVER miss a class. That means never. And in the rare chance you might, make sure to get your makeup work done and turn in those sick excuse papers from a doctor, if required. And get your notes from someone you already have the phone number and email of, somebody you've talked to a LONG time ago to cover for you if this ever happens.

#5. Take notes or record lectures or classes. OR take a backup of online class conversations.

#6. Make a study group - - it helps a LOT.

#7. Access the Study Guides and Strategies website. It has tips on everything from term papers to different subjects, all in one handy guide page.

#8. Drop classes by the deadline if you are having trouble with them.

#9. Get help if you need it. Access free tutoring if it is offered.

#10. Don't give up.

Add YOUR favorite tips as comments.

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Good luck, nontrads!


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