President Obama's talk at the University of New York - plus free colleges - a link from the Find Scholarships and Grants blog

President Obama at the State University of New York - Today's Talk at a Town Hall (via C-Span).
He talked about lowering college costs for everyone with a College Affordability plan, checking college for quality, Climate Change and green energy, and equality for everyone in college opportunity. He said he was working to see that college students did not get loaded down with debt.

He also said he was going to look into Service Scholarships, where nursing students, for instance, can pay back part of their scholarships when they get out of school.

He vows to fight for students and try to lower costs.

And politicians who are just worried about getting elected, he said, are sometimes not doing what is right for the country. I agree with this one!

He took questions too, and they were good ones.

He said to go to and see what they had posted there. He also said that has information about financing too.

Here are more links talking about his new Plan:

And here is something about FREE classes, which definitely could help if students are on a budget.
(But be careful - - many may not count towards a major.)

Here is a link to a video of his speech at the University of Buffalo:
President Obama Speaks on College Affordability | The White House

Earlier today, I wrote about free classes that people could take. Hey - maybe I should combine this blog with the Find Scholarships and Grants blog. Only later.

Here is a posting from the Find Scholarships and Grants blog today.

I know I have thought about this before - - taking FREE classes.

Here is that posting: 
Absolutely free classes - good as a scholarship? Could be!

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