Are you a Nontraditional Student? Here are some support sites for you.

It can be lonely being an older student at college or even while getting your GED.

You can be close in age to other students, OR you may be a lot older.

True, more and more studentgroups are accepting older students. So... you might even be going through rush right now.

If you are like me, you are keeping to yourself a lot, but still making some friends for Study Groups.

But it helps to know that there are  groups either at your school or online that can help you through it.

Here are just a few:
The Nontrad site and blog

Nontrads on Facebook and

Nontrads on Yahoo

Good luck this semester, nontraditional students! Use the search box to find out how to make a nontraditional student group, find out more about yourself, explore other nontrad blogs and sites, and lots more.


Former Nontraditional Student in Education