Getting ready for Fall Semester? Share some nontraditional student blogs.

It's that time again. Those who were off from school this summer are now thinking about Fall.
From Flickr - Black Mtn. College Fuller class

Many nontraditional students are waiting for their grant or loan funding to kick in, which happens right before school.

Then it's all about books and schedules, and those butterflies I used to get.

Are you making lists? Getting school supplies?

These nontraditional students (and one professor) are taking and giving classes... and writing about that AND their lives.

This one talks about listening to someone at a party who got his PhD.  It inspired him to keep going with his education.

This person wonders if women over 50 are invisible in this culture.
Makes you wonder. Truthfully, I think women over 50 ARE invisible in this culture... will this change in the near future? Who knows.

One talks about a Stats class.
As I've been told, a statistics class can inspire fear. It's a required class for at least one discipline. I haven't ever taken it, and don't plan to.

A history professor talks about his life and thoughts. 
This person seems to be happy with his job. This is more a personal blog than anything though.

I am looking for interesting fascinating blogs written by nontraditional students. I want to list them on the blog site. If you have one, or know of one, send me the link.

Former nontraditional student in Education

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