Nontraditional students, what is your passion? Here are links for new careers.

Have you wanted to explore another career, but just don't have the time - - or are not sure where to start?

Many people decide to go back to school to take new training, or just find out more about a subject they have always wanted to know about.

You might not be sure what you want to do, but don't really like the job you have right now.

There are ways to find out what job or career is best for you.

Here are some postings that can help you:

What do you want to be when you grow up? This posting points to different career tests online, including the Quintessential Careers Network site and the Fun Education site.

This posting, Another fun article from Career Alley, is also good. It includes 10 Steps to a Successful Career Change.

And here is another one that you may like: Want a new career? Try doing something you love, full or part time.

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