Learning styles, two tests, and finding out about your learning style.

What kind of learner are you?

Learning groups... different kinds of teaching for different learning styles... these were a couple of things I learned about in Teacher Education.

Learning just how students learn has long been something for teachers to know about. Now, with Learning Styles, teachers can offer instruction meant to appeal to many different students, all who learn differently.

So how do YOU learn? Are you a visual learner, an auditory learner, or perhaps you learn best by actually doing something? That could point to being a kinesthetic learner.

Of course, people seldom learn in just one way. You probably are a combination of learning styles, with one or two main styles that help you learn fastest.

Here are a couple of tests to help you find out what kind of learner you are:

#1. LDPride's Learning Styles Test, and

#2. The Catherine Jester Learning Styles Test

Knowing how you best learn can help you get better grades.

If you took this test for the first time, were you surprised at the results?

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