All Work and No Play?

Just wondering...
Those nontraditional students either in summer school or working VERY hard to get money for school right now (or finishing up their studies for the Spring), I want to ask them something.

Are you working without any breaks? Is that your style, to keep on keeping on, NEVER taking a break or a vacation?

Sometimes it just seems like people are saying to themselves, "I CAN'T take a break - - or do something I like, like a hobby or just taking time off."

If they have a choice of whether or not to say yes to overtime work, or take another job, to get more money, they always say yes. They feel that they must.

I do hope that sometime this summer, nontrads, you do take some time for yourself, whether it is a vacation, a staycation, taking a day off (or more days), pampering yourself with a beauty treatment, reading a new book, buying something for yourself for a change - - - that you decide to say "no" to added work and treat yourself to some downtime.

Because downtime is important for your health. Too much work, too many things to do, too many responsibilities without any help now and then, all these can add up to high blood pressure or stress, which is a bad thing, and can affect your health in many adverse ways.


What are YOU doing to lessen stress? Are you taking some time for yourself this summer? I hope so.

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Betsyanne Former and Current Nontraditional Student (Teacher Education AND Pottery.)

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