Tell me about your nontraditional student group - online or offline.

Are you in a nontraditional student group?
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Are you in a nontraditional student group on or offline? I would love to add you to the BA Nontraditional Student website listed under your state or country. I have a few groups listed already, and more than a few on some state sites.

Just send me information about your group or tell me about it in a comment at the end of this posting. I can contact you that way too.

Having this information online can help your nontraditional student group get more members.

Some questions to answer for an article or going on the webite are: How would somebody join? What kinds of things does your group do together? How many members do you have? and  Do you have any funny or interesting stories about your group?

Some nontraditional student groups at schools have their own meeting area and percs, like lockers, study tables, and computers. Some nontrad groups are also on Facebook and have their own websites.

Many nontraditional student groups are members of ANTSHE, the Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education. They are getting ready for their yearly conference, which is at Eastern Kentucky University this year in 77 days.

Other groups are part of the Pinnacle and Spire Honor Society, which provides recognition and awards to nontraditional students.

If you are not already in a group, and want to be in one, you can often start one yourself at your school too.

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Are you in a nontraditional student group?

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