Winter Break - 10 Fun Things to do for Nontraditional Students

Hi again, Nontraditional Students!

I hope your Finals went well. Some of you are smack dab in the middle of them, and will be finished with them soon. Good luck! And I hope you all get GREAT grades.

And now? Some of you are having a breather between now and Spring semester. Are you going to spend it with family and friends? I hope you have a WONDERFUL holiday.

There are also some other things I would wish for nontraditional students to do during this break time. If they can... some will be delving back into work full-time, or may be going to Winter Term classes. For you example nontrads who "work and never shirk"... maybe you can take a couple of days off anyhow. I hope you can, because taking a break is good for you.

Here are some other ideas for this Winter Break time.

1. Double check your classes for next semester. Do you have your books and materials? Have you tested your online connection for your online class?

2. Take some time for relaxation. It's the perfect time to catch that movie, or even go shopping for some class-worthy clothing.

3. Pamper yourself (much like #2.) Sleep in if you are not used to it - and take a bath with some bubble bath or bath salts. Ahhhhhh!!!

4. Read a favorite book - - lounge around in jammies and slippers.

5. Take a vacation - - via plane or however you want. Some lucky nontrads will go to a warmer climate for a week or more.

6. Increase your "staycation" fun with museum visits, after-Christmas Deal Shopping, and eating out at least once. One good reason for shopping, the days after Christmas mean great deals for wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, tape, etc. etc. Often the discounts are 50% or more. Stock up for next year the smart way - - -NOW.

7. Do some organizing and/or clearing out of the proverbial "stuff" many people have around the house. Start with 15 minutes per day and work up to more. If you are a neatnik, and everything is already in its place, pat yourself on the back.

8. Connect with a friend or two. Have tea. Have lunch. Talk on the phone. The heavy lifting part of the holidays is over, and it may be a welcome time for your friend to take a break with you.

9. Count your blessings. For every experience, there is a lesson to learn. For those missing a relative for the holidays, be grateful for the time you did have together.  Write out what you are grateful for in your life, and refer to it whenever you feel low.

10. Take time out to help someone. Whether it is someone in your family, a neighbor, or someone you don't know, helping another person often takes your thoughts away from your problems or stresses.
It's a way of helping yourself feel better too.

I think that this is a very short list. I have not included going to the library, doing crafts with the kids, watching your favorite TV show, cooking for fun, making a movie, taking some photographs, painting, making jewelry, going out dancing or meeting friends, and a whole lot more.

What is YOUR favorite suggestion for nontraditional students after the holidays? Leave your comment below.

Former WKU Nontraditional Student

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