Would you call yourself a techie? Remembering Steve Jobs...

Steve Jobs... all students, including nontraditional students, owe him a lot...
Students around computers - from the Microsoft Office clipart website.

I have been learning so much about the late Steve Jobs after his passing yesterday.

He helped to change the world as we know it, by further incorporating tech and computers into our daily lives.

Steve Jobs, the co-creator of Apple Incorporated, helped change the face of computing and how we learn.

He gave new tools to the whole world, really - making research, studying, and lots more a lot easier and quicker. School really has improved today. Notetaking can be done by computer, and instant messaging transfers safety information quickly on school campuses if there is an emergency.

I wish we had these tools 20, even 30 years ago. I think they are great. Now schools teach students using computers in classes, showing presentations on screens in class, and offer online courses with many students and the teacher speaking to each other using White or Blackboard programs.

Would you call yourself a techie? Do you use a Mac, an IPhone, an IPad? Do you order music on Itunes? Did learning how to use a computer help you at school?

A curious mind wants to know! Leave a comment!

"We're here to make a dent in the Universe." - Steve Jobs
"Your time is limited... so don't waste it living somebody else's life..." -Steve Jobs

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