Good changes for nontraditional students!

Why it's a great time right now to be a nontraditional student.

I am excited about the trends today and how schools are starting to help nontraditional students more and more.

When I research new articles, and see how different states are doing in regards to nontrad student support, I am coming up with more and more links to groups, pages, and a new recognition of nontraditional students across the country, and across the globe.

Many more schools are choosing to support their nontraditional students today. In the past, nontraditional students had to just tough it out by themselves and do what they could to get through classes and learn new things. It really could be hard.

Everything used to be slanted towards new, traditional students. Now nontraditional students often have so much more support from the schools and also have many more other nontraditional students to talk to.

Ten things I like about today for nontraditional students:

1. Nontraditional students may not be alone at their school. (See above...)
2. Nontrads get to choose online OR face to face classes today.
3. Some schools have dedicated professionals helping them pick classes, find daycare, and much more.
4. More research is available online for nontraditional students to find out what jobs will be available when they graduate or get that training.
5. It is now easier to do research because of the internet and many libraries going online.
6. Student loans don't just apply to younger students. Older students can also apply for them.
7. More and more schools are offering scholarships and other financial aid just for nontraditional students.
8. Some on-campus groups, including fraternities and sororities, are starting to welcome older students.
9. Some schools are making guide booklets especially for nontraditional students.
10. Other schools provide a "one-stop shop" for nontrads to get registered, get information, and have a place to study.

Can you add another reason why it is great to be a nontraditional student going back to school right now?

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