It's question time: Are you doing what you really want to do?

This is a question many nontraditional students ask themselves: is my job or career fulfilling?
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Other questions could be: Am I doing what I really want to do? and What do I want to do with the rest of my life? These questions answered truthfully have helped many nontraditional students decide to go back to school online or in person.

When I was in high school, I took a personality/aptitude test. I still remember what careers it said I would be good at. One was teaching, one was accounting, one was being an artist, and another was being an office worker. I think. I actually have this test around somewhere.

Now I have taken some more (free) tests online and most of the time I wind up with the same results, but sometimes they give me new and great ideas of things I may never have thought of for myself before.

Do you still have your old aptitude test from high school? Did you take one?

Maybe you have changed since then, and now want to do something entirely different, or give back to the community with your whole life or career.

You can take a personality or aptitude test now. 
These tests can help you zero in on what you want in your life. For many, this can mean finding a job more fitting to their interests and dreams. I found some free aptitude tests online that you may want to take to find out what kind of job suits you the best. Especially if you don't think what you are doing now is really YOU.

Here are some links to explore:
The Fun Education Site Free Career Test (485 questions)
This site also offers a lot of other tests to take.

The University of Kent test page - How to pass aptitude tests with example tests's Career Aptitude Test suggestions 

For medical students: The MSAT: Medical Specialty Aptitude Test at the University of Virginia School of Medicine:
Thanks to the Student Doctor Forums for this one.

And here is my More Career Tests Online page.

Did you find out something great? Leave a comment.

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