Do you LOVE your school, nontraditional students?

Nontraditional students: do you LOVE your school?

A lot of nontraditional students take online courses. But also, some go to face to face classes, that have all ages of students in them.

The question today is, do you LOVE your school? Or do you like it? Do you wish you had paid more attention to the classes, the fields of study, etc.? Can you transfer credits from your school, for instance?

What makes YOUR school unique and special to you?

I know I really liked Western Kentucky University a LOT when I attended that school. I took both online and in-person classes. The location was fabulous (I lived in the area) and they had a terrific Education department. They also had a great Art department.

Western has computer study areas, and even has free tutoring if you needed it. I loved all the food choices, and the great student union building. Western also has a great gym building with a pool and every kind of exercise equipment you could want, along with many different classes. Also, it is a beautiful campus.

Comment below. Would you recommend your school to other nontraditional students? What is great about it? OR would you tell other nontraditional students to try another school? What reasons do you have for that?

I look forward to your comments. Thank you!

This art is from the Microsoft Clipart pages.

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