Positivity vs. what you tell yourself - taking baby steps

Taking your first baby steps

Nontraditional students CAN hold themselves back. I have held myself back too. I never even considered going back to school - - I guess I thought it would be too much work, for one thing. And I was busy raising my daughter as a single parent. I did not know about student loans, and I wondered if I could do college level work as an older student.

Now I realize that I held myself back by thinking I could not do it, by not even looking into it for many years. Looking back at the past can be dangerous, because situations change. But I do feel that if I had gone back earlier, I would have been able to do a lot more with my degree, and even may have pursued a Masters. I may still do that, but taking action on what I wanted to do EARLIER may have been even better.

So now I am helping other nontraditional students succeed. I feel really good about that. Are you a student who is not sure of yourself? Do you doubt whether or not you can succeed at school because of family obligations, responsibilities, or your own self-doubt?

I talk about this a little in my last blog posting, Fear and the Nontraditional Student. For many people, it is the first baby step that can be the hardest. What is something small that can lead to something big? Your personal baby step could just be making that appointment with an advisor. Or it could be looking up schools online. It could also be filling out your FAFSA. Or it could be just considering going back.

Are you already enrolled in school for the Fall? Are you just considering whether you can do it or not? Or maybe you are an experienced older student who has already gone to that first class or logged online for the first time, full of trepidation but also full of hope that you will succeed and learn at school.

Let me know how you are doing! And remember, you CAN do it! What are your thoughts? Post a comment right now.


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