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Going back for your GED

I write a lot here on the Nontrads blog about going back to school - and most of the time, that school is college. But there are many people who are deciding whether or not to go back to high school after a break too. I think that these people have the same kinds of fears that other nontraditional students have. And it can be worth it to go back. It can take some gumption and some courage too.

Some common questions older people ask when thinking about making this kind of a change are:

1. Should I go back?
2. Am I too old to go back?
3. Have I forgotten study skills?
4. Will it be worth it?
5. Will people make fun of me?
6. Should I just give up on my dreams?
7. How hard will it be to go back?
8. Will I be able to juggle my family responsibilities, my work schedule, and have any free time if I am going back to school?

Find out more:
Going back to school links from E-How
Getting your GED - an article from the Totally Her site

And this looks interesting: free GED classes from
Let me know if you decide to sign up for this, and how it goes. I would love to write an article about it.
GED for free
PBS/KET links for lifelong learning and the GED Connection
GED Practice online from Steck Vaughn Adult Ed
The Info Depot
The free Online Learning Sites page

Get support on your journey towards your GED:
Adult Student Connect (from the Adult Student site)
The Yahoo Nontrads group (for older students, many are college students, but it is also open to older students getting their GED)

Neat articles:
A man goes back for his GED after losing his trucking job
76-year-old woman earns her diploma
GED stories to motivate and inspire 
New York GED programs online (some good links are here)

I hope this blog entry about going back for a GED is useful! Please give me your feedback below, and any other sites or links you think other older GED students will like. Thanks!


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