Should you go back to school? The debt question and more

Going back to school... should you?

This can be a tough question, especially for nontraditional students, who are generally older than the traditional idea of students in high school or college. Also, these students can have families or job responsibilities that make going back to school a challenge.

Many workers have been laid off, and are naturally thinking about going back to high school, or attending trade school, tech school, a university, or a community college.

Going back to college - the debt equation
A writer at the Students Over 30 site suggests that it may not always be a good choice for some people to go back to school. They cite an REEF article written by Michael Robertson. In the article, according to the Students Over 30 site, Robertson cites student debt as being one drawback to going back to school (college). Working full-time, he says, can mean a huge debt, which can carry on for many years.

Scholarships and Grants
Of course, if you get a scholarship, this can really help, because scholarship or grant money does NOT have to be paid back. It is worth it to try for a scholarship or grant, even though it must be even harder to get one in the current economy. Check below for some links to apply for scholarships for free. And a scholarship may pay for just part of your real costs for going back to school if you are attending college.

Trade Schools, Tech Schools, Community Colleges
Check out your technical schools or community colleges. They can have what you need, at a cheaper cost. But make sure your credits will transfer if you think you may want to attend a college next.

Going back to high school - definitely cheaper
Going back to high school, on the other hand, can be free, depending on the program you choose. Students today can take tests and courses online, freeing up time for work and family. And having a GED will free you up for a better job or to go on with more training.

-- Betsyanne

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