It's a dog's life for people with SOME online degrees...

Rishona, from the Yahoo Nontrads group, posted this recently. It is SO cute I wanted to share it here too.

I'm sure some of you may have heard of these kinds of schools, often called Diploma Mills. You can also become a "minister" from some unaccredited sources.

This brings up another subject - make sure you take your classes from an Accredited school. Make sure you ask about credit transfers, too. I have heard some horror stories about spending years studying and working hard, then having to transfer schools... and not being able to transfer credits.

But THESE kinds of credits in this video SHOULDN'T transfer. I wonder what will happen to this company now.

Here is a great site I just found at's Distance Learning page.

Jamie Littlefield has ways to check YOUR online school to make sure it is legit.

Here is that link:

Check Your School's Accreditation

It looks very helpful. Thanks, Jamie!

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