Are you a LOST TV show fan?


I am a LOST TV show fan. I just love this show. I am sure that I am not alone. I have the feeling that there are more nontraditional students out there who also like it.

Now LOST fans (and I am definitely one!) can attend LOST University online! You are free to take your classes on your schedule, so if you are a nontraditional student, and already attending school or taking online classes, you can fit this "other" class in very easily.

Here is that link:

I went there today, and noticed that they had a Forum, a bookstore, a course schedule, and more. I am hoping you don't have to buy LOST: The Complete 5th Season on DVD. Of course, I probably saw ALL the episodes so far, so all I have to do is use that knowledge to complete my "coursework."

I think it's funny and so neat how their website looks a LOT like the "real" websites out there for "real" universities and colleges.

I think this University is FREE, so you don't have to pay tuition here. That will help all the nontraditional students who are already paying tuition at their OTHER school.

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