Good Luck This Fall! By Toni Washington Bradley

The following is a post by Toni Washington Bradley. I liked reading this so much today that I asked her if I could post it here. She said yes! Thank you, Toni!

Good Luck This Fall
by Toni Washington Bradley

Hello everyone!

The fall semester is just starting and for some is in full swing. New classes, syllabus', and of course, new instructors. All of these things can bring on stressful feelings, but don't let this get you down.


Every semester is a chance for a new start. Think of it as one step closer to your overall goal: Graduating with your degree!!

Just a few tips I've received over the years that helped me get through the bumps in the road:

1. Invest in a planner. Along with your syllabus, this will keep you organized and on task for your course. There is nothing like having a quiz you knew about and forgot. Take it to each class and write down your assignments even if it is in your will cement the task in your mind.

2. If you see that you are having trouble in class, ASK FOR HELP. Your instructor will be more than willing to revisit a section, answer your questions, or direct you to a tutor that can help you.

3. Study one subject at a time. Jumping from course to course to finish your assignments will become confusing and the information will become a jumble of just words with no meaning.

4. After 20-30 minutes of concentrated studying, take a 10 minute break. You will be surprised at how much you will recall with just a small break to rest that gray matter!

5. Get plenty of sleep. Burning the midnight oil is fine if you feel you need to, but if you refer to #1 and keep up with your assignments, that midnight oil can be saved for finals.

Here's hoping everyone has a great semester!


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