New pages on the Nontrad site - and ideas for more

NEW: Making Friends at your new school

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Here are some others ideas for pages and topics:
Picking a great school - for face-to-face or online classes 
The best scholarship and grant links 
The FAFSA - what it is for, 
the best way to fill it out 
Great nontraditional blogs and message boards online
Teaching - then and now
Medical opportunities today
What jobs pay the most
Switching your major - do's and don'ts 
Preventing school burnout
Going back to high school - the easy way 
The best jobs to have while you are in school
What makes a supportive family?
Kids - how to be a good parent when you don't have much spare time
Easy recipes to help you save time 
Money saving ideas for nontraditional students
Time savers for older students
Computer refreshers for adults

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