Nontraditional Students need health care too!

We need a good health care plan here in the U.S.

Nontraditional students also need this. All college students need health care!

Not having affordable health care adds a huge burden to the already high cost of going back to school in the U.S. So people going back to school have a double burden after they get out: they have to pay back their school costs PLUS many still have to pay a high monthly insurance premium before and after they finally graduate.

Especially older students. They are not usually covered by their parents' plans. And because they are going back to school, it is harder to get health insurance.

Have you seen the documentary movie, Sicko? It shows how the United States really needs health care reform. It also shows the health care plans of other countries like Canada, France, and even Cuba. Here is the trailer from that movie:

I went to see this movie when it came out. It was great!

You can buy a used copy of Sicko from Amazon starting at only $3.50 and up plus shipping. Here is that link:

President Obama tells his goals for health care reform:

Get Single-payer Health Care passed in the U.S.

Sign a petition for Single Payer health care - put it on the table!

Donate to Team Obama to help the U.S. get affordable health care:

Read about healthcare at the No Limits site:

Write to your Representatives and Senators!
Here are the addresses of your Representatives and Senators:

Other blog posts about Nontrads and insurance:
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And - for now - get a health care plan from Blue Cross and Blue Shield (if you can afford it...)

With all of us doing something to help, we can get a better health care system. Thanks! And please put your story here about health care. Have you had a health care experience you want to share? Let's hear about it.