Tips for College Students - from Steve Pavlina


I ran across this great blog entry by one of my favorite authors, Steve Pavlina, today.

It is called "10 Tips for College Students." It includes questioning exactly WHY you are choosing to go to college. Steve mentions that he was not sure what he was doing in college the first time he went.

Steve is also a GREAT goal-setter, and shares his goal-setting ways with everyone in this article.

Here is that link:
10 Tips for College Students.

I can recommend Steve Pavlina for his books and other articles as well. He also has a GREAT website where he shares FREE audio programs that are interesting, helpful, and well thought out, like Consulting Your Intuition and Embracing Your Passion, which are both right down a Nontraditional Student's alley.

Here is his audio page link:
Free audio programs

Just download these programs and listen to them in your IPod or music player, OR you can also listen to them right from your computer.

Check out his website, too, for more information, books, and a newsletter, too.

From the Steve Pavlina blog and website