The State of Teaching - - For Nontrads and Others


Now is the time when many nontraditional student teachers and first-year interns are finishing up their semester.

Some questions I have this year...

1. Are nontraditional students feeling supported by other teachers and school staff?

2. Will most nontraditional students go on to teach – either full or part time?

3. With the current job cuts at many schools right now, will new nontraditional teaching students be able to find a job at all?

And just as important, what do YOU think?

To find out more, I found some GREAT blogs today about teaching students who are going through their last training periods. But boy, were they ever hard to find!

And just where are the intern and student teaching blogs written just by nontraditional students? I could not find them. Please give me your blog so I can add it to my post, blog, and website.

In the meantime, these blogs and sites I COULD find today should prove interesting to new teachers of all ages. Are you a new teacher? Or are you an experienced teacher? Please comment at the comments section to let me know of your opinion and what other links are important ones.

Thank you!


Read about final Student Teaching reflections at
Docere Est Discere
Musings on language and teaching
This student has now done student teaching 2 places – with two very different cooperating teachers.

The Clairvoy Site: Clairvoy Teacher Assistance is a new website “trading strategy in bite-sized pieces.” This looks really interesting. It is a Wiki site – or is it a Tiki site? I will have to explore it more to find out.

INTERN TEACHING links (Read blogs about that all-important first year of teaching...)

10 Rookie Mistakes of a First Year Teacher

Advice for your internship (Elementary Ed) from the WikiHow site:

Year One Teacher

The New Teacher on the Block


The Graham Webner Blog: The Open Educator
Written by an elementary Australian teacher

The Tempered Radical
by 6th grade teacher Bill Ferriter

Anonymous Teacher Blog (second year)


Here is a life-raft to all teachers, beginning or otherwise.
It's the Harry and Rosemary Wong Effective Teaching page at

Teaching Feedback – 5 tips to immediately improve your teaching – by a veteran teacher:

and these are really interesting too...

Why you can't find many teacher blogs online

But then I was really happy to find this!
50 Up and Coming Teacher Blogs from Teaching Tips!

And this!
Best of the Web – education/teacher blogs

*And I just added this:
Links to School Bloggers

You can get a free documentary about being a new teacher here:
Road to Teaching site FREE documentary


Keep in mind... like everything, the issues here and opinions show that, as always, there is MY side, THEIR side, and the truth.

But these websites can be very thought-provoking, and worth reading.

Why this teacher and other teachers are leaving the field
Teaching in the 408

Some stories about unfair treatment of teachers
Warning: very controversial!
The NAPTA site

The Massachusetts Teacher Site
This site also has its opinions why many new teachers leave.

What are your thoughts? Is this a good time to become a teacher at midlife? What is the teacher situation in YOUR area?

Is it a good time to become a teacher at any age?