Join the Yahoo Nontrads


Yahoo Nontrads are a group of nontraditional students on Yahoo that are attending school all over the country. Some are graduate students, some are undergrads, and some are just getting ready to go back and seeing their advisor for the first time.

Join us, and start a conversation about what it is like for you as a nontraditional student. You can click here to go there and request a membership in the group.

Do you have a class you need advice about? How about a career question? The Yahoo Nontrads group is a perfect place to ask your questions, because the group is full of students who have been there and done that, along with some beginners who are just now starting to find answers to their questions. There are 189 members right now, but I hope to add a lot more soon.

Have a family - a job - going to school part time or full time? Whether you are going to face-to-face classes or are going to only online classes, this is a group that can really help you make decisions and make friends.

The link is also here:

The Nontraditional Student Yahoo Group