Start your own Nontrad blog!

I've been thinking about blogs lately - how to make mine better, how often to post on them, and what kind of blog area to use. I have a few different blogs, but this one is my favorite.

Talking about blogs... have you considered making your own blog?

There are some easy, free web pages that can help you do that. It can be fun and therapeutic to write about your nontraditional student experiences.

Here are two of the most popular blog-making sites that make it easy to do:

#1. The Blogger website (this blog is written on the Blogger site),
#2. Wordpress. Wordpress can be put directly on your website, and is used by many professional bloggers.

Both sites feature free backgrounds (templates) and tell you step by step how to blog there. If you have never tried this, it can be really fun to write about your school experiences.

Explore: Here are some more websites to get your started:
EHow's How to Write your Own Blog
How to Write a Famous Blog by Wikihow (may as well go for it...) and
Write a Twitter mini-blog for My Space or Facebook