Reading good stories on nontrad blogs...

Some neat Nontrad blogs...

I have had many people tell me about their experiences as a nontraditional student. I have heard stories about jobs, family life, dorm living, meeting younger students, and much more.

These stories can be really fascinating - and can also be found online.

I have been looking at other blogs that nontraditional students are writing that have these kinds of good stories on them.

By reading these, I get to see how other students cope with their family responsibilities and going to school - - sometimes after a very long break.

Here are two of the most fun nontraditional student blogs I have read lately:

1. - University Mama is a blog about a University Nontraditional student who is also (in her own words…) a:

“Wife, mom, photographer, full-time university student...and, surprisingly, still sane enough to write about it!”

This blogger just found out that her assignment is due a full week earlier than she thought! And the professor had already said the other date. This of course makes for some quick finagling. Typical nontrad stuff - - coping with last-minute changes that can happen with disorganized teachers.

2. “Old Dogs, New Tricks…” - this blog author recently talked about how this nontraditional student just wrote a note to her professor asking to bring her son with her to class.

This is just the sort of thing that nontraditional students often have to do… juggle childcare and classes, with no options if something ever happens to upset the applecart. Where is the emergency child care that is needed? I’m so glad she brought this issue up. It’s an issue all over.

But it’s fun to read these stories. It helps to know that nontrads all have these kinds of issues and have to deal with schedule changes and other problems as a day to day thing.

One of my other favorite nontrad blogs, College at Forty,, just decided NOT to go back to school right now. It sounds like money for school was one factor. I hope she gets to go later on.

So - enjoy these great nontrad blogs.

To find more, just google “nontraditional student blog” like I do every week or so, and check out all the new nontrad blogs out there. And please let me know which ones you like.

Until next time – Happy Nontradding!

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