Two Top Non-Trad Issues...


A recent poll I had on this site is now over.

These are the top two issues from the poll that some non-traditional students are thinking about:

1. 72% (16): Keeping up with family and job issues. I can really understand this one, because taking courses takes a LOT of time, and so does working and taking care of a family.

I know that sometimes it's a hard choice between taking care of a sick child and going to class. There really isn't a choice sometimes.

I know of one teacher that allowed a mom to bring her child sometimes. I think that was VERY understanding. There simply was no other option for that non-traditional student sometimes.

About job issues, if a person works fulltime, he or she is already tired at night, but if he or she is taking a class, it just isn't possible to stop after work and rest. There is a lot more to do, every day, to keep up.

#2: 40% (9) Connecting with other older students: this one I can also relate to.

It does make it so much easier when there are other students to talk to about school that are your same age.

Sometimes schools have student groups that fill this need. I think this is such a good idea. Older students and students with families and job responsibilities can then have a sounding board for their issues. This can really help.

There is a lot of stress that older students have to deal with that younger students don't have. Older students have home, career, transportation, job, money, isolation, and a lot of other issues that can come up.

These things really do matter to older students, and it's so helpful to talk to an advisor or (even better) a friend who has been there.

For people who are non-traditional students who do not already have a group, please consider joining the Nontraditional Student Forum on Yahoo.

This is a growing group of older students nationwide who talk about many different issues.

There are also some valuable links on the group site that non-traditional students may find useful.

Until next time, I am:
Nontraditionally Yours,
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