The poll is in - important issues for non-trads

Following are the results of the Non-Traditional Student Poll. I have bolded and enlarged the top 5 answers, which now are going in the NEW poll to select the top three Non-Trad issues. I also put them in blue.

New Poll: (pick 3) What are the top issues that concern non-trads today?

Finding money for college (2) 13%
Keeping up with job and family responsibilities (9) 60%
Being able to register for the proper classes (3) 20%
Getting recognition for effort from family (1) 6%
Being able to access financial aid and understand it (2) 13%
Finding good daycare that they can trust (1) 6%
Fitting in with younger students (5) 33%
Getting good career advice from counselors (6) 40%
Not being able to afford college at all (3) 20%
Finding good housing at affordable rates (2) 13%
Connecting with other older students (5) 33%
Transportation to and from class (0) 0%
Relating to other younger students (1) 6%
Getting enough support from school administrators (3) 20%
Deciding what to take at school (3) 20%
Procrastination – not taking more classes (5) 33%

I was surprised.

I really thought that finding good daycare or transportation would get more votes. We had 15 students take the poll. This time, I'm aiming for at least 20 people to take the next poll. If you are reading this, scroll down on the right and choose the 2 issues YOU think are the most important to non-traditional students today.