Careers vs. jobs... and Tickle tests

Face it. Non-traditional students want a career... not just a job. That's why many of them are going back to school. They want to improve their lives AND their careers.

It can be hard to decide on a new career, or pinpoint just what classes to take. Sometimes it helps to know more about ourselves and what we really want. A resource I have found valuable is the Tickle site.

The Tickle site is a free testing site that also has some fun quizzes. The great thing about Tickle is that many (over 60) are what the site calls Ph.D. Certified, or using real test standards.

Tickle has several tests that can be valuable to non-traditional students. I will list a few, and then the link so that you can go there to pick a test for yourself. It is totally free to register, and get scores. Additional scores or expanded ones are available for a fee.

NOTE: (important) - If you click on "no thanks" on all the ad offers, the site will eventually get to your scores. It really is worth it for the hassle of going through the obligatory ad pages.

Here are some tests I have either taken myself or that look good for non-trads:

The Tickle IQ Test
Which Online University is Right for You?
Face Your Fears - What's holding you back?

Let me know how you like these!