Getting the word out... and redoing the website!

Last week, I decided to write a lens (like a web page or a story) about Non-traditional students on the Squidoo pages. I titled it "What People Need to Know about Non-Traditional Students." I went on to list some things about non-traditional students like their issues, etc. I then posted it to Squidoo. Well, it hasn't gotten a lot of readers. I think I will need to scope it down to a smaller subject.

Here are some of my ideas:

1. Hints for Non-Traditional Students - finding a good daycare
2. Learning Groups for older students
3. Polishing up Study Skills for new college learners
4. Should you go back to college?
5. The Best Scholarship Sites out there!

I like #5 best. The most popular of all the sites is the one I did yesterday. It's about KUNG FU - The TV Series. I just loved David Carradine as Caine.

I am redoing this site this week. I even made it a new logo! I have some new story links on there that I know you would enjoy. Just click below to go there and read about real non-traditional students and their stories.

Read Non-traditional Student Stories Here

I would also love to hear your stories. You can send them to me here, or I can post them on the website.