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It's fun to make a page there. It's kind of like making a web page, but easier. Then they put all the ads on there automatically! They share the proceeds with the people there, kind of like a co-op does! I would have been there before now, but I just found out about it. I think it will be really fun. I put my new (1st) Squidoo page on today. It's about non-traditional students.

I decided to put some issues on my Squidoo lens page that non-traditional students deal with when they go back to school. Here are the ones I put on my article:

1. Children and families

2. Paying for school

3. Time and jobs

4. Face-to-Face classes vs. Distance Learning

5. Support - is there support at the college?

6. Paying for daycare

7. Transportation

8. Feeling out of place

9. Deciding on a career change

10. Not being accepted

11. Responsibilities, and

12. Having rusty study skills.

Any of these things can be very serious and develop into a bad problem for non-trads. I know that many people mentioned jobs and money, plus a lack of daycare help as reasons that they could not continue with school.

I think that some of the other problems, like not feeling accepted and feeling out of place, could be the kinds of things that people have a hard time talking about. They could be issues that are just a serious for people, though. Let me know if you out there can think of more I should have on my list. Thanks!