ANTSHE and Non-Trad news

Greetings again, all non-traditional students.

Today I want to remind people about ANTSHE, the best Non-traditional Student group out there. Some of you already are members of this group.

ANTSHE has a new look and a newsletter you can download from their site at ANTSHE is a Non-Traditional student organization that has conferences, a store, and their own scholarship.

I like their website because it is continually updated and current, plus the articles and information there show that they really care about non-traditional students.

ANTSHE is getting ready for their 11th Annual Conference, which is to be held Feb. 29 - March 2 at Middle TN State University, and has a page about Non-Traditional Student Recognition Week, which is coming up soon (November 4-10).

You can join ANTSHE as part of a campus group, or you can join as an individual - - it's all up to you.

The photo above is from the morguefile site. You can find many photos there to use in reports, teaching, or school projects.