Art in the Park 9

When I was a non-traditional student, I took a Journalism class as part of my English and Allied Arts certification classes (Journalism in the Schools with Professor Bretz).

It was a good class, covering learning how to be a yearbook advisor and/or newspaper advisor. (Or - - as we were warned... maybe both!)

It was fun because I always liked working for the paper in high school, and almost took a job with AP long ago.

As part of a class assignment I interviewed non-traditional art students. I met several who said that they wanted to continue with their art their whole lives, and were so happy to finally pursue their dreams.

One older lady, in late 70's, was a painter. She was very excited about her art projects, and talked easily to other, younger students in the Art Lounge.

It is my opinion that nobody is too old to start going after his or her dream. Talking about dreams, one of mine is to get back into my art. I am lucky to be able to be a non-traditional student at the Pots Place downtown, where I am learning how to be a better potter.

You can see more photos of the downtown Art in the Park event that took place in Bowling Green, Kentucky here at my personal blog site.

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