Finding non-traditional websites today


Today I tried to do the impossible. I tried to find one file among thousands.

I looked on every CD I had from when I was a non-traditional student today. On one of those disks has to be a list of websites I looked up about 2 years ago. I just knew it was somewhere!

The websites were from colleges and universities across the country who had clubs or websites for nontraditional students.

Well, I couldn't find it.

Somebody contacted me for help on an article and I thought I could lay my hands on those links, but no luck. So... I looked some up today. I think I'll share them here, and put them on the Non-Trads Website later on this fall.

I think it's fun to look at sites from other schools because they show how great a program can be. The best have photos of actual students, and some even offer scholarships and activities like workshops and picnics.

Here are some of the sites I found today:

Penn State – Fayette – The Eberly Campus
has a non-traditional student club and a web page.

Next, this group at McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas might have the type going into itself on its site page, but what’s more important is how active this group is. They have lots of interesting activities listed - - including financial aid seminars - - and even a scholarship for their group.

The University of Wisconsin – Sheboygan has a Non-Traditional Student group page, too.

I especially like the fact that the University offers “monetary help for child care” and has a group called “Zoomers” for their adult students. They answer many questions on their friendly web pages.