Where to get support and help if you are a Nontraditional Student. Also: Who is a Nontrad?

Who is a Nontrad? And here are some links you can try out to get help in your Nontrad Journey.

It used to be all commuter students were most probably Nontrads, or nontraditional students. Some schools specify that a Nontrad is somebody over 24, and possibly having a family too.

Now Nontraditional Students have increased in numbers, and include all kinds of people. They are going back to school after a break, or completing high school.

Here is hoping that your family is supporting you, if you are a nontraditional student. OR that your school has a group or club for you.

Here are some other places you might like to join for support:

#1. The Nontraditional Student website (check out your state for more info. - and send it to me as a comment if I can add YOUR group): http://www.nontradstudents.com/
(This site is slated for another update next year for sure...),

#2. The Nontraditional Student Facebook page - add a comment or link if you wish, anytime: https://www.facebook.com/nontradstudents/,

#3. Nontrads on Twitter - just re-started: https://twitter.com/nontrads,

#4. ANTSHE - a Nontraditional Student group YOUR school or college may already be a part of. https://www.myantshe.org/,

#5. A great Study Skills site: the Joe Landsberger page, Study Guides and Strategies: http://www.studygs.net/.

Also, use the "Search" box at the left on this blog to find more postings that may also help you.

I think you are very brave to go back to school, especially after a LONG break. I may do this (again) later.

More about that in future postings.

I hope things are going well for you. Comment if you have time, and have a future posting request or comment too.

Former and hopefully future Nontraditional Student.\

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