Reading Comprehension - a great link to help students out.

I had MANY problems with my Math score - no matter the test. (Think: ACT, SAT, etc.) - - so the English score I got did not win any prizes. Why? It always had to be counted with my Math score. Not really understanding Math as a whole started when I was young.

When I took Teaching training, I learned that "scaffolding" young learners could help with any subject. Because sometimes all it took was a little help at the beginning to catch up.

What does a person do when they are older, and MUST take the kind of classes that don't come easy?

They can use some Tips and Tricks.

While answering a question on Facebook today, I realized that although the advice I gave was OK (and even from this blog! -  - talking about Study Groups, taking notes, maybe reading the material out loud and recording it maybe... ) I really had not touched the real issue behind the question.

Someone was having trouble studying/comprehending reading material, which could have been about any subject.

Another person made a GREAT comment, which included this link:
How to Improve Reading Comprehension  (from the PrepScholar blog).

Their Tips and Tricks about this are 3:

(1) Understand and Reevaluate How You're Currently Reading,

(2) Improve your Vocabulary, and

(3) Read for Pleasure.

There are even MORE tips under these.

Tip number three sounds like it would be a huge hassle, being as many people who HAVE to read textbooks have a hard time scheduling reading time already. But it's do-able, with concentration and a good attitude.

I am thinking that people who don't have as much problem understanding what they read have run into words they don't know while reading for pleasure (a lot) in the past and have figured most of these out. Which helps - a lot.

I'd also give a Tip (4) - - which would be Don't Give Up! Words are not all learned in a day. Progress can be slow sometimes too.

Maybe using the Study Groups tip, plus the Taking Good Notes Tip, plus Splitting up the Reading some will also help.

I hope so!

Great article though. And now, students will be able to access it via the Search Function here at the blog.