The Nontrad News is done. Here is a link! Plus, should you really experience college to the fullest? An interesting article...

The Nontrad News Issue is out!

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The issue is about Our Mission, What Nontrads are Interested In (my take), and some of the services schools are offering for us.

I hope you like it. I'm thinking of offering it bi-monthly now. We'll see!

A neat article and thoughts about clubs, groups, and more.

Should Nontrads REALLY get involved while going back to school?

I think the answer is a big YES.

But I think a lot may be missing out on things they could be doing. Some nontraditional students believe that they have missed the boat, and should suffer for that. Yes, they can take a class, but when it comes to really jumping into the college or school experience, they don't want to. Maybe they feel old and out of things.

Maybe they feel like they won't fit in, or that the people in the groups or clubs they MIGHT want to join won't want them there, because of their age, or ageism (yes, discrimination IS out there). But attitudes that older people are set in their ways, grouchy, forgetful - - the list goes on and on - - can be so wrong.

But that's not the way it has to be - - you, the nontrad, not having ANY fun, and just concentrating on classwork. It also is not the way to graduate. If you love what you are being back in school and learning (and clubs and groups help this feeling) then you will continue.

If you hate what you are doing, it's easier to quit. And you definitely don't want to do that.

This article tells more. Here it is:

Get the Full College Experience as a Nontraditional Student:  Older students need to find ways to fit extracurricular activities into their schedule. 

The title tells a lot. The article talks about learning styles, extracurriculars, balancing your life, and also things to look for in a school (like Student Centers and recreational facilities).

I like the advice about joining a school club. It can be a lot of fun, and more and more clubs (and even some Sororities and Fraternities) are opening their doors to older students now.

Yes, you might run into some misunderstandings. But after people get to know you, and you get to know them, friendship can happen. And a person can't have too many friends, after all.


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