Is YOUR Nontraditional Student Group listed on the Nontraditional Student website?

If you have a nontraditional student group, check out your State Page at the Nontraditional Student website here:

(And here is just the top section of it):

Just click on the state on the U.S. graphic, (scroll down to see it). There are also pages for other areas.

There should be groups listed there at your state or area. For updating, just make a comment to this posting (I will see it!) or send in the form on the page.

AND, if you don't have a group at your school, why or why not? You can talk to people there and start your own, which might be a really fun project. You could make friends, talk about things that interest you, do events, and lots more.

Just saying! There could be a group near you, and you don't even know it.


PS Hope things are going well in your nontrad journey. If you are just THINKING about going back, check out the Search box and find out more about it!

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