Nontraditional Students, fight burnout, and find your motivation.

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What is burnout all about? 

In my opinion, most of us feel that when we have tried and tried for a long time, or focused on a project and used all our energy on it for some time, we can become tired of it, or lack inspiration to go on.

We become "burned out" and need some time to regroup. Some quit what they  been doing forever. You may feel that college or going back to school is not for you, that it is too hard, or takes too much out of you. Classes may not be going as you wish, or you feel burdened by all the work you are doing.

Are you experiencing burnout? Have you experienced it before?

Some nontraditional students change majors when they feel like they are burnt out. Perhaps this would help some people. Others drop out... which I hope is not an option for you, if you are going back to school right now.

Tips to prevent burnout

Sometimes taking a short break can help. Not quitting or not going to class, maybe a mini-vacation or just taking more time for relaxation could be the ticket for you.

Here are some other ideas too:

1. Spread out your assignments, so you don't have to cram or write for a week straight when doing a report. It will be less taxing to you if you use your calendar and do short bits of work at a time. This goes for studying for tests too.

2. Take time for yourself every week. Relax some, try meditation or going to see a movie.

3. Keep a journal - write about your feelings and what is going on in your life. This can reduce stress.

4. Cut down on stimulants like coffee, and cut down on sugar too.

5. Eat healthy foods, lots of vegetables, less saturated fat, more lean meats (if you eat meat), and try to eat less if you have a weight problem.

6. Exercise - some schools have reduced-fee classes or exercise equipment students can use.

7. Write a Pro and Con List Are you considering a change? Want to decrease your work hours or find a different job? Try a simple Pro and Con list. You may find some reasons to make a change that you have not thought of before.

8. Talk to somebody - counselors and advisors at school are often free. Why not take advantage of that? A problem shared is on its way to being solved.

A Motivation Page

The Motivation page on the Nontraditional Student site could be helpful. Here is that link:

I hope you like it!
Have another way to fight burnout and increase your motivation? List it as a comment. I would really like to include more next posting.

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