5 Great How-To Websites for Nontraditional Students - for papers, professors, writing, tests, and more.

Save these helpful sites.
Here are some study websites to help you write papers, study better, and more.

Here are a few great places to help nontraditional students and others in research, footnotes, etc. for papers, and more.

Son of Citation Machine: this site helps with MLA, APA, Turabian, and Chicago-style citations. I've used it and really like it. It saves a LOT of time. Double-check it though.

Study Guides and Strategies - this terrific site has all kinds of different sections to help students with study skills, time management, memorizing for tests, how to do spreadsheets, and how to deal with Test Anxiety. What's really neat about this site is that it is available in many languages, besides English.

The OWL Online Writing Lab at Perdue University- this site has research tips, a guide on how to write, grammar and style guides, and lots more.

 Sparknotes is truly useful if you are a Teaching Education student and want to get a little "refresh" going on a book you have already read. Their free online guides are on this page.

Rate My Professors - Pick a Prof used to be the best online rating service for college teachers, but this site seems to have added a LOT of names. I checked one college and there are plenty of ratings here. If you have two professors to choose from, go here to see what other students think of them.

 Have a favorite site to recommend for other nontraditional students? List it as a comment.



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