Pets, Family, the Holidays, Projects, Whew! Time for a break.

I shared this website today on Facebook.
It is a website for people who are grieving the loss of a pet. Here it is:

The Rainbow Bridge site is one I saw a long time ago. I am glad it is still there. I know some Nontraditional Students have pets. In fact, I'll bet more nontrads than traditional students have pets. Students living in dorms can't always have a pet.

Family can be so helpful

...this time of year (the Holidays...) But they can also be stressed out, much like some nontrads are. But still, it's a special time of year. I hope it's not too stressful for my readers.


I've been talking a lot this year about doing projects while on Fall Break or Winter Break at school. It's true, sometimes I used to just use every holiday to be doing a project that was due at school. I felt like it was the only way I could keep up. If things are like that for you, hold on. The holidays won't last forever, and then things will get back to a more normal pace.

Time for a break
I hope you can have a little bit of a break this season! Enjoy this time of year. Let time slow down a little for you if you can.

XOXOXOXOXO  and lots of holiday cheer to everyone. And thanks for stopping by.

Merry Christmas - Happy Hannukah - Happy Yule! Enjoy the holidays, everyone.

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