Henry Winkler's talk about dyslexia, and about life: doing what you are good at.

I got to listen to a great actor and a sensitive human being today.

He was at the Southern Kentucky Festival of Books here in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Henry Winkler giving an interview for a local TV show.

It was Henry Winkler, famous actor (think: The Fonz on Happy Days). He gave an hour-long free talk about his life, his new book, and about having dyslexia. He went through much of his life not feeling good about himself. It was when he came into his own with acting that things started going better.

As he shared about finding out later in life that he had dyslexia, I know that many audience members were touched about what he shared. His parents thought that he was not working up to his potential. His teachers were not always sympathetic.

Henry Winkler being introduced.

No matter how hard he worked, reading was super hard for him, and almost made him give up on doing well in life. He heard many negative messages.

Well, as you and I know, Henry Winkler has done really well in life. Not only did he succeed in acting, he also has become a director and best-selling author. Some of his advice to others is to find out what YOU do well, and just do it.

Another piece of advice I got from his talk was to believe in yourself, and don't listen to people who tell you that you CAN'T do something. Sometimes it takes awhile to find out what you are meant to do, he says. That goes for all ages too. I found his message of hope inspiring, and I know others did too.

And even though he is a Dog Person and doesn't like cats, I will shrug that away, and say:

Great job, Henry Winkler!! Ayyyyyyyy!!!


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